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a full service Social Media Design Company.
Better tell your story online with Social Simplified

Social Media can play a huge role in getting your name out there, growing an audience and ultimately lead to more sales. If you've haven't been happy with the results you have been getting on social media or if you are looking for that spark, that jumpstart to help you find success on-line, give the team at Social Simplified a chance. Let's make some moves!


We take a personalized approach and guarantee satisfaction based on your needs. Through an initial call, we focus in on your goals. We pick the social media platforms to grow on, we craft, create and implement a strategy to help you grow your online presence faster.

Social Media Marketing

Ad Marketing Strategy

Online Presence Services (GMB Optimization)

SEO Services for Ranking

Reputation Management / Google Reviews

Branding: Visual Development

Website Services or Rebranding

Mobile Phone


a full service social media service

Set up your Social Media Strategy, Build and Optimize Your Accounts, Research and Come up with Creative Content Ideas, Check Content with You, Edit and Post the Content.

4 month minimum:

1st month: Initial Set-Up of Strategy, Heavy Creation Month, Test Content

Then 3 months of Full Strategy Implementation.

Smart Phone with Rocky Crags

The Full Package

Let us take care of your social media account so that you can focus on your business.

You get the full service from

SOCIAL + along with:

A Videographer

A Video Editor

A Music Producer (for professional audio edits)

A Social Media Advisor to help you continue to grow.



Already have a team to record content for you?


Book us as an advisor. Every week we will strategize and send content ideas based on trend research to get recorded.


This collaborative effort will help you level up your Social Media game.

Our Difference

Social Simplified's differences are in the three S's

STRATEGY (and our team)

The lead on our team majored in Music Business with focus on Social Marketing. He's worked in the Social Media Space for over a decade building and optimizing social media growth for companies. Social Media Success is based on being on top of everything in the space. We invest in Social Media education by going to conferences, taking courses on new technologies and trends in Social Media, and we study platform specific trends every day.


Trending Audio is a good way to increase views/exposure on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The problem is that you have to use the recording from that platform. Some clips are only 10-15 seconds long. Our team has a live music director and recording studio that can adapt and lengthen music to fit your content. Every piece of content will be stronger because the music will match perfectly.

We even have a live producer and band to create custom music upon request.


We pride ourselves in our Storytelling. Social Media Posts are little pieces to a bigger story. Each piece of content has to capture the attention of people scrolling (the hook), keep people's attention (through editing techniques), and make people take action or subscribe for more.

Schedule a Call and let's start building your brand for 2023!

Located in:

Las Vegas, NV 89148

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