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© 2019 by Beau Cody

Do you have a business, product, music artist, or idea that needs a website? Do you want a hub / a home that is yours online?


Beau Cody has been designing websites for over eight years. The journey started when his band needed a website. He spent $2000 on his first site. It was great and had all the bells and whistles but he couldn't add information to the website. He had to email the company that created the site, every time they had a new show and that was a deal breaker. Two more websites were created for Local Uprising until Beau decided to learn on his own.


He started researching and found out that most websites have way too much information on it. Most websites are like, "Here is every single thing about my band, do whatever you want!" That information overload in this attention deficit world will turn off any visitor to your site. Beau got really good at putting the right information with the right Call to Actions.


Then he worked for a restaurant and started doing their social media and website. There he learned about monthly planning, weekly. promotions, website traffic and SEO.


Beau Cody has done a little over 60 websites for other musicians, restaurant owners, bar owners, small businesses and influencers.


If you need a website or know anyone that does, get one done right by Beau Cody. He is offering $150 OFF so get your website today!



Build a Website for You!

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$350.00Sale Price
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