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LEARN YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC TODAY! These aren't your regular music lessons. 
A peek into the lesson plan:
First, we dive into the music you like, your favorite songs and musicians. Then we create lessons around that. You are learning chords, techniques, and structure all while you are learning your favorite songs. We also teach you methods and little tricks we picked up along the way to help you improve faster. You are one lesson away from being able to play a song.
After learning a bunch of your favorite music, chords and strum patterns, then we get to the good stuff. It's about Finding Your Inner Artist. Now we start creating and making music. With little exercises like writing a new verse to a song or the free writing dive, we will help you open up your music and start creating. We can also dive into deeper topics like soloing, expressive ways to instantly improve your playing, and music arranging. Instructor BC has a lot of knowledge to share and can help you learn and love music.


“I was surprised just how much I learned in a single lesson! Beau combined my beginner skill level with the song styles I love into a personalized lesson set. The online instruction format works well and it’s fantastic having live demonstration, feedback, and coaching from Beau’s experience. I’m excited to be making music with my guitar and highly recommend personalized lessons from Beau Cody!.”

— Albert M, Student

Beau Cody playing.png
Beau Cody has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business at the University of Hawaii.
He has studied music for fifteen years and has been performing on stages for thirteen years. Last year in 2018, his band got nominated for Breakout Artist of the Year at the Island Music Awards. Beau Cody has been teaching music for over five years and has been crafting a method of learning how to play instruments faster.
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