Las Vegas Quarantine.png
On March 18th, 2020, the Governor of Nevada implemented a statewide shutdown.
All casinos, bars, restaurants, gyms and other non essential businesses were forced to shut down for 30 days in order to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19), a virus that has been spreading and wreaking havoc around the world.
There is a very eerie feeling in Vegas. Who would've thought a shutdown of the show capital of the world.
And people are panicking. The Los Angeles Times said that around 186,000 people lost their jobs in Vegas. Grocery Stores are overcrowded as people fight for essentials and that last roll of toilet paper. Banks just shut down. I'm actually on hold with CHASE bank now (it's been over an hour and fifteen minutes) because they are having problems with check deposits online.
Las Vegas Residents were told to stay in their homes for 30 days to try and fight the spread of COVID-19. Self Isolation. Here's my story.
Note: I believe that when there are hard times, laughter is a good way to get through it. This BLOG isn't meant to be serious or over informative. It's meant to be an escape. Something to get your eyes off the TV or social media.
EPISODE ONE: coming soon